What does Kathy Sipple do?


Kathy mostly has conversations and connects people to one another. Her favorite thing about herself is her diverse, creative and talented network. Sometimes she connects people through social media, other times through projects or speaking engagements.

Social Media Marketing


My Social Media Coach launched in 2009. Through it, Kathy offers consulting on individualized strategic planning, project management and customized training and workshops for groups and teams.


CoThrive for Business

CoThrive Timebank

CoThrive Timebank launched in February 2016. Timebanking does not replace the cash economy, but is rather a complementary community currency based on everyone’s time having equal worth. For now, the timebank is primarily focused on growth within Northwest Indiana, however through timebank intertrades, people non-local to Northwest Indiana can participate too.

What is the best way to contact you?

My schedule changes every day, depending on whether or not I’m training, traveling, with a consulting client, hunting for morel mushrooms, etc. When I’m doing those things, I’m not looking at my phone every 5 minutes. I really don’t like texting unless I have to, so if you’re one of my trusted circle and you have my mobile number, please use that option sparingly!

Email is best. I try to answer asap, but  sometimes asap might mean a day or even two, so please be patient. If you need to speak with me to discuss a business deal, please schedule an appointment.

CoThrive members have access to me for 6 hours each week, so if you want to hang out regularly (online anyway), please consider joining.

What options do you offer for social media training?

My private consulting rate is going up soon, to $150/hour ($125/hour for nonprofits.) For existing clients or those who sign up for a package, there’s a bit of a discount. Ready to get started? Book now or schedule a quick phone call so we can discuss in more detail.

For those who don’t have the budget or just need some quick “how to” advice, CoThrive group coaching may be a better fit. The cost is just $30/month (more like a gym membership.) Ready to get started? Sign up here

I’m also available to conduct training sessions for your group, either in person or remotely (online.) Please email me with details about your request.

Are you available for an interview?

If it’s about a topic I love and know something about, probably! If I need to travel to a studio for the interview, it’s a bit trickier unless you’re in Chicago or Northwest Indiana. I love being a guest speaker or co-host on podcasts, telesummits, Blabs, radio, etc. Email me your date, time and other details.

If by interview, you really mean you want social media consulting, then no, that needs to be scheduled as consulting.

If your opportunity falls somewhere between these (in a murky gray area), go ahead and email me and we can figure it out.

Who are your associates?

I partner with different associates, depending on the project and the area(s) of expertise required. I don’t mean to be mysterious, but there are too many to list. I’ll introduce you to the associates I bring into any project and you will have a chance to meet them and learn how great they are.

Why do you do so many different things?

I can’t help it. I’m naturally curious and have designed my personal and work life to indulge me in this lifelong learning. I’m doing my best to explain close to everything I’ve got going on here, but there are other sites that have a more narrow focus, e.g.: My Social Media Coach is only about my paid work as a social media consultant; 219 GreenConnect is only about environmental issues in Northwest Indiana, etc. CoThrive is kind of about a lot of things — my social media group coaching, but also the timebank too — I’m working on making that one more clear…

I hate to admit it, but I’ll probably just keep adding more things that I do. If that bothers you, you probably won’t like working with me. Sorry! (Not really sorry, it’s just who I am.)

What social media sites are you on?

A lot of places… Honestly, it’s probably easiest just to Google my name to find exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s a partial list:

Facebook personal account
Facebook CoThrive Community
Facebook 219 GreenConnect
Facebook NWI Green Drinks (I no longer run this program, but many people still associate my name with it so here you go)
Facebook LOK Wishing Tree Foundation (a long time client of mine)
Twitter personal account
Twitter CoThrive
Twitter 219 GreenConnect
Google+ (Really just for SEO, don’t use it for connecting. Sorry, Google.)
Podcast 219 GreenConnect
Podcast Social Media
Podcast Voices of Carbon Monoxide (for LOK Wishing Tree Foundation)

Main Things I Do

Social Media Training and Strategy

I offer consulting and training services through my company, My Social Media Coach. I am also a contract trainer for several national training companies.

CoThrive Timebank & Business Networking

CoThrive for Business started in early 2015, the timebank project launched about a year later. This project is my greatest passion!

219 GreenConnect Podcast

Award-winning environmental podcast covering topics about the living more sustainably in Northwest Indiana. Guests have included locals as well as people from outside the area.


I have co-authored several Amazon best selling books with Powerful You Publishing. I’m working on a book of my own, more details soon. If you would like a signed copy, please let me know. I have copies available for sale and would also be happy to speak with you about a book signing or speaking event for your group.


I enjoy taking photos, especially of nature, but also of Chicago where I sometimes work.