When I learned about the concept of Ikigai, it made so much sense to me! I had been searching for my true purpose and resources I had relied on to help me get there — books, counselors, even well-meaning friends and family members — all seemed to focus on just one or two aspects. The solutions they offered felt like just that, “their” solutions, not mine.  Journeying to the center of my lotus helped me find my true purpose and I know you will find yours too, if you are willing to look inward and trust in your body’s own wisdom to guide you. I designed a tool to help you access this information for yourself, checking in with special energy points in your body called chakras. I hope you enjoy your journey! Click to get started. This process is part of what I talk about in my new book, Heart & Soul, releasing on Amazon November 14, 2018. I talk about the process in this interview with the books publisher, Sure Urda. Click to register for the whole telesummit and listen to my talk which aired on November 1, 2018.