What does a social media coach do?
What any good coach does…

Teaches you the game.

Social media, used for business or personal objectives, is more art than science. It’s important to choose the right platforms, get set up correctly from the onset and learn the rules for engagement.

Helps you learn the new plays.

Let’s face it — social media changes rapidly. The playbook can change in an instant. Reviewing your plan regularly with a trusted advisor helps ensure last month’s playbook is still relevant today.

Puts the plays together into a cohesive strategy.

It takes a bit of nuance to string the various parts of the program together. You need to integrate your management system and your communications with your social media to form a cohesive plan. Social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Makes sure you practice!

Along with 1:1 consulting, we offer an affordable ongoing group coaching option that provides ample time to ensure you get the continued support you need.


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