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I decided to document all the places I’ve lived over the years with photos. Why? I’m really not sure yet completely, but it has something to do with…

Memory. We’ve been visiting a relative in a memory care facility and it makes me curious about how are memories are stored and retrieved, especially as they relate to place.

Putting down roots, figuratively and literally. I love gardening, especially vegetable gardening and am very interested in permaculture (permanent agriculture, aka edible landscaping, perennial vegetables, etc.) Because I’ve moved so much, I haven’t had much opportunity to do this, but now that I am (hopefully) in my forever home, I’ll have a chance.

Right sizing. I’ve been lucky to try out a lot of different living experiences — from a tiny efficiency apartment in a converted downtown mansion to a large, sprawling ranch on 5 acres in the country. I’m really happy to have ended up in the middle in a space that feels “just right” for me, my husband and our dog.

Goldilocks only tried out 2 other options before she found “just right.” Some of us take a little longer with our decision making! I remember when I was ten years old, my dad made me a dollhouse for Christmas; it was an English Tudor, my favorite style at the time. I remember a few years after that my dad saying to me, “It will be interesting to see what kind of a house you end up in…you like so many different styles.” Well, Joe Legner, I hope you have found it interesting! I think I’m about done. 🙂