Beltaine gaelicI’m making a commitment this year to listen to my body better and also to try to develop a closer connection to the Earth as well. The First of May celebrates the Sun’s ascendance and instills a desire to welcome life, light and love now that winter’s dark veil is lifted.

As light and warmth flood the earth and flowering begins in earnest on the forest floor, I accept the sun’s invitation into better health this year. On this, the first day of my spiral journey, I commit to turning toward the light and love available to me that will allow me to develop to my highest potential. In accepting sustenance from the restorative Sun, I will carry my seeds of potential to term, growing healing systems for those whose lives I touch.

For this regenerative gift of beauty, I ¬†am deeply grateful. And, although my the back pain I am currently experiencing suggests otherwise, I will believe that “dancing days are here again.”

So mote it be.