16592713_sI owe today’s post to my mother in law, Rosemary. She is 82 and lives nearby. Today, during a visit, she used the word, “devilment”. I’m not sure I’d ever heard it before, but I knew intuitively what she meant by it. Although I consider myself to be a person with a fairly good vocabulary, I am humbled (and thrilled) to learn a new word today!

We stopped by to wish her a Happy New Year’s Day and to bring her a home-cooked meal of turkey and mashed potatoes. Once we came home, we heated up our own turkey and mashed potatoes and fired up Roku to watch a documentary I found called Andrew Jenks, Room 335, about a 19-year old who moves into an assisted living facility in Florida and captures meaningful footage of relationships he builds with residents during the time he spends there.

Today I am appreciating my elders and the wisdom they impart to those of us who are willing and able to receive it. They have seen much and know a lot. I recommend spending time with an elder and really, really listening to what they have to say. You never know — devilment may just ensue!