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Are you confused about:

  • How to use your time more effectively to get results from your social media efforts?
  • How to tweet? How to use a Twitter hashtag?
  • When to use a Facebook page vs. a profile vs. a group?
  • Pay per click Facebook advertising?
  • How to automate your posts?
  • How to generate compelling content?
  • How to link your accounts together?
  • How to measure your results? Or to set appropriate goals and follow through on actions to get you there?

What is your current plan?

  • Avoiding your account and hoping it will somehow generate business magically?
  • Going through the motions, but not sure why you’re doing what you’re doing?
  • Connecting with anyone and everyone, but not getting results?
  • Hiding your head in the sand and hoping this whole “social media thing” is a fad and will blow over?

Get real results with a coach that will show you how to focus and take away obstacles.

Your social media marketing plan needs a check up from time to time.

A lot can change quickly in the digital marketing world.

Focused activities can help you:

  • Generate ideas that work
  • Improve productivity
  • Focus your efforts
  • Spend less time and get more results
  • Connect to people who can help you generate more business
  • Make your marketing tasks a whole lot more fun!

Wouldn’t it be great if…you could spend less time on social media and get better results?

How much do you value your time?

What if you could focus on the parts of the business that make you money, the parts that you do best?

If you could improve your social media marketing’s effectiveness by:

  • Creating a plan
  • Removing obstacles–time, focus, lack of ideas, technological questions–that slow you down or block your progress
  • Setting goals
  • 24/7 email support

Would that make you:

More focused?
Create more opportunities (and convert them to sales)?
More productive?

Today’s entrepreneurs are expected to wear a lot of hats. Social media marketing has created a lot of opportunities, but also a lot of new responsibilities for small organizations. Many don’t have a marketing and/or technology background so it can seem a little overwhelming. And lonely. And confusing. It doesn’t have to be!

The My Social Media Coach Membership Program works with you to help you set and reach your marketing goals through planning, training and follow up.

Social Media Marketing Coaching Training

What others have said about Kathy Sipple’s coaching:

“Kathy is one of those folks who come along in life that you find yourself saying ‘wow I wish I could do that’ or ‘I would like to better emulate that quality’. She listens, responds, and follows up. She looks you in the eyes when talking as if to say ‘you are important to me’. Now what more could you want in a consultant/trainer? You say content knowledge? Well she has that to, always keeping up with trends and making it all seem easy.”  February 29, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Miche Grant
, Vice President Quality & Business Development, Center of Workforce Innovation, Valparaiso, IN

Kathy has been using her expertise in social media to train my staff in how to more effectively use Facebook in our network marketing strategy. One of the most exciting results was that within a few weeks, we moved from being almost invisible to the search engines to being on the first page of Google. Kathy coached us to grow organically without having to pay for outside SEO. I have high regard for Kathy and confidence in her skills and abilities.” November 13, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

 Rich Blue, CEO, Center for Christian Life Enrichment, Northbrook, IL


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