This website has been “under construction” for quite awhile. How to present my own “brand” seems to be the biggest marketing challenge of my career…

I’ve been doing a lot of work over the past year, drilling down on the big questions: Why, how, and what I do and who I do it it for. Luckily, I’ve got some great resources who helped me figure out some answers.


My colleague and marketing mastermind member, Kristen Beireis, helped me figure this one out. She has an assessment called the CVI (Core Values Index). Though other coaches are licensed to use this assessment tool, Kristen uses it in a uniqute way — primarily to help coaches like me figure out how to apply it for use in their marketing and messaging. From Kristen I learned that I have MERCHANT/INNOVATOR tendencies.  

When you enter a room there is more love and wisdom energy suddenly in that room. You are the presence of wise love. This is your assignment, to be the effective presence of wise love. You look at the circumstances and situations around you through the eyes of truth and compassion. You operate from reason and cognitive thinking, to learn who people really are, and what they need and want. You focus on nurturing and supporting others and yourself. This is balanced by your intuitive/reasoning capacity to see the ways things are. You observe situations until you understand, providing the best responses, strategies and solutions.  Your highest and best contribution can only be made in situations in which there is a significant and constant need for wise love.

Hmm, makes sense. Besides being a coach, I am also a Reiki Master & Teacher. In that role, I am very accustomed to working with love, energy, nurturing. Makes sense, and yet — how do I apply that to my business as a social media marketer?


Another mastermind member Gretchen Pritts helped me with this aspect. Through Gretchen’s Archetype Alignment Grid, I learned that my primary type was CONVERSATIONAL CONNECTOR. There was quite a bit of information I found helpful in this assessment. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • You love learning and it feels good to share with others when you find something great.
  • When you build up a loyal audience or set of relationships, you hold tremendous power.
  • As a Conversational Connector, you may not see that you can make plenty of income not being the leader or teacher. 
  • It can be problematic to expect instant success; be patient enough to allow your business to gradually grow. If you can keep systematically growing your business, it will pay off big time in the long run.
  • As a Conversational Connector, you may not see the income potential in being who you are. Instead, you may make connections constantly, yet not see how you can make money at it.

This also resonated with me. I do love learning and I do love sharing with others! If I have just learned something, it feels odd and disingenuous to call myself “teacher” of that new found knowledge. I know that many people reach out to me because “you know everybody.” But what business model would allow me to actually make money doing these things?

Cool side note: Gretchen and Kristen liked the way their assessments helped people like me find what we began to call our “marketing sweet spot”. So much so that they have launched an experimental program where they offer attendees the power of both assessments to help them in this way. Learn more on their website or watch the Blab we did together, explaining how their program came about.


Kristen Beireis introduced me to Shawn Driscoll, creator of the Trailblazer Quotient. This third assessment helped me with my lingering questions about what my business model should look like. Through Shawn’s assessment I learned that I scored very high in Inspiration and also Innovation. (Low in Intimacy and Information.) This insight prompted me to launch CoThrive for Business, an online group coaching session devoted to learning and sharing innovative new social media strategies for and between members. The low price point gave me the permission I felt I needed to let go of the label of teacher and instead embrace being a co-experimenter with my members. So far, most of the members are healers, artists, writers, coaches and others I find inspirational; they often tell me I inspire them, too.

Finally HOME

I finally feel “at home” in my business, and it feels pretty great! If you feel like something is off in your business, do yourself a favor and do some remodeling! These are the resources I needed to change my business and marketing. Besides helping my CoThrive Business Community members with their marketing, I now also provide networking and referral services  to members of my network who can help. They are some amazing people! To join CoThrive, click here, or schedule a short informational call to get more information.

Life is too short to be tied to the wrong business, especially when we create and own it!