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I have found that often the only “problem” is our mindset which is influenced by our perspective. By changing our perspective, solutions become obvious. An example:

In my role as a social media trainer and coach I present workshops, sometimes to large groups of people. In my earlier years such as scenario would have induced panic. I did not enjoy being the center of attention and felt embarrassed and awkward when I had to stand in front of a room to deliver a message. Today I am able to do this with no problem whatsoever. The reason for my change in attitude? Mindset.

I no longer believe that “I” am the center of attention, but rather the intention for learning that I bring before my audience is at the center. This neutral and synergistic approach takes my ego out of it and the event becomes instead an invitation for my audience to join me in the sacred space we create. I see my life as a sort of lotus-inspired Venn diagram where I am indeed at the center, but my energies and interests radiate into the vast beyond where they inevitably mingle with like-minded souls who were brought to share with me by some divinely ordered reason. My job is not to judge myself nor my worth but rather to get to the business of discovering our edges of overlap — the places where our shared interests and desires to learn and develop blend. The place where we can make the magic happen.

There are no problems, only solutions, to be joyfully discovered by those who are not afraid to dance the dance of discovery.

There are no problems, only solutions. ~ John Lennon
Click photo at right for the lyrics to “Watching the Wheels”John Lennon

I delight when I can help others conquer their ego fears and learn to create their own personal mandalas to guide them in their decision making, both for business and personal purposes.

Key Take Away for Sales and Social Media Marketing

When a marketer approaches marketing solely from an “I” viewpoint, the results are likely going to sound like they’re “tooting their own horn.” It’s fine to be aware of your strengths and to announce them, but better for your audience to do so in a way that addresses their needs and interests — selling the benefit to them, the solution, rather than making it about the features of the product or service being sold.

Watch the wheels. Engage with them. Don’t fight them or try to conquer them. Yield and find your part in the great cosmic work. Then do it!

When I was offered my first sales job back in 1995, I’ll admit that my first reaction was,”What!? I’m not a pushy sales person! How is that a fit for me?” But then I was introduced to the idea of consultative selling and that changed everything about my willingness to morph into that role. I can’t remember what book(s) I read about consultative selling beyond the training provided by my then employer but I did a quick search and found this book that I think looks like a good read that reinforces this idea: Selling with Soul: Achieving Career Success without Sacrificing Personal and Spiritual Growth.