Social media time travel back date blog posts or Facebook statusMarketers have been experimenting with Facebook’s timeline feature for pages since it debuted earlier this year. Now instead of an in-the-moment jumble of impressions, brands also have the opportunity to present their story in a historic format, noting important dates and events that marked their development. I think Subway has done a nice job of it with their page. What others have you seen that doing this well?

Another way to make “time travel” work for you is to post-date your blog posts or status updates. One of my client’s, Stradella Reeds, used this method to great advantage to make the most of their limited time to apply to marketing.

Larry Allen has been making reeds for oboes, English horns and bassoons for over 30 years. He has a full time job in education during the school year, so makes the reeds in his Valparaiso home in the evenings and weekends all year, but has more time available during the summers.

Judie, Larry’s wife, filmed short video clips of Larry demonstrating the oboe reeds and giving performance improvement tips for students. They uploaded all of the videos to YouTube and then scheduled a blog post for each week, beginning in July and running through the end of the year. As of today, they have had 3,935 views of their videos.

I hear from a lot of clients that the are time-challenged and “don’t have time” for social media marketing. Kudos to those who conquer the calendar and make it happen–in real time or otherwise.